Are your kids using and drinking to excess? Communication is the key

As with most human conundrums, communication is the key.  If you need help with someone or something, you need to communicate your needs, intentions etc.  When your children are experimenting with alcohol and drugs, and it is getting out of hand, you need to talk to them.  The attached article describes workable solutions.

I often speak publicly about substance abuse, and I mention modeling frequently.  Parents model behavior to their kids every day.  They don’t think about how kids view their actions, but the kids watch with an intensity not often seen in other areas of their lives.  Kids learn behavior from those they love and respect.  The respect can later come out sideways as the parents struggle with how to get the kids to stop drinking and using drugs.

We parents have to start communicating with our kids early and often.  We need to discuss our behavior with them so the understand why we do the things we do.  We can’t just expect them to pick up the nuances of our use of alcohol, and yes, drugs too, for some of us.  Responsible drinking must be explained and modeled.  Drug use should also be explained, including the illegality, if it applies.

We all learned from someone else.  We all thought we were taught how to behave properly.  Yet, some of us don’t, even after repeated warnings.  Take some time today to talk to your kids.  If necessary, sit down with them and read this article together.  We don’t have all the answers, and showing our kids that we need help will allow them to see that it is all right to ask for help.  Communicate now.  It isn’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of love.

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