Feds approve powdered alcohol; ‘Palcohol’ available later this year

This is a strange public outing for a strange new addictive product – one possibly due to the fact that the company didn’t realize the product would be approved, and that it will not be warmly received by the overall public.  The Telegraph, a British news organization, was the first to publish this information.  Since it is a US approved product, it is amazing a UK paper scooped all US papers.

The bottom line is that this new dosage form of alcohol can only result in negative consequences.  If you need alcohol available at all times, maybe you have a problem with alcohol.  People will start sneaking the powder into every venue and location that prohibits alcohol – because they can.  It will result in one more problem for enforcement of alcohol use policies, whether law enforcement derived, school policy or otherwise.

The fact that it is new, is alone, enough to get curious children and most people who have problems with alcohol to use it.  Even those who have been sober for any period of time, may decide to give it a try and start their addiction up mall over again.  Addicts like to get away with whatever they can.  This new powder form of alcohol makes that possible.

This can only end badly.  Even though I am a busy DUI, DWI, OVI attorney here in Cleveland, Ohio, I disagree with the approval of this new drug.  We need individual states to stand up against the feds, ala Governor Patrick Duval in Massachusetts, who wants to prohibit the highly addictive and potentially deadly form of hydrocodone, Zohydro, from being prescribed in his state.  Start talking to your legislators now.



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