Marijuana edibles have safety issues, and not for beginners

Two people have died as a result of overdosing on marijuana edibles, and emergency room visits are on the upswing.  Colorado may have been the first to legalize marijuana, but they are also experiencing the growing pains associated with a psychoactive drug in the hands of lay people.  Let’s be clear about one thing first: marijuana is a drug.  Yes, you can call it “God’s herb” but it is still a substance that can alter your thinking and other bodily functions, in ways that cannot be predicted.

I am guilty of uneducated use of this drug as I used to smoke a lot of weed before I got into recovery.  I was also guilty of making edible forms of pot.  I definitely misused it and could easily have had negative consequences as a result of my use and abuse of it.  Again, as with all my drug use I don’t know why I surveyed and many of my friends did not.  It is truly “Russian roulette” when you ingest any drug (alcohol, marijuana, LSD, cocaine,  heroin etc).

This news about marijuana edibles causing death, is coming at a time within the first year of legalization in Colorado.  That only means we are just seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Weed is a fat soluble drug, and therefore, when it is ingested orally, it can take a while for the body to break it down via the digestive system.  This delay is apparently the problem.  People who don’t understand this delay want immediate results after eating and when they don’t get it, they eat more.  This results in a potentially toxic, lethal dose.

Newbies who where previously afraid of smoking marijuana, due to the potential negative effects on their lungs, are easy targets for the edibles.  Just eating a few cookies, lollipops, brownies, etc of pot may be an attractive introduction to the drug for this segment of the population.  Marijuana intoxication is not to be taken lightly.  Yes, you long term smokers out there may object, but try to be a good steward of conscious, safe marijuana use if and when you decide to turn someone on to your habit.  It isn’t your mothers weed out there anymore.  It is a more potent and potentially psychologically and medically dangerous drug these days.

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