Prescription drugs not as safe as you think…

So we Americans have a love affair with prescription (and non-prescription – over the counter- “OTC” drugs). We always want a quick fix and reach for a pill to solve our ills. The bad news is that these supposedly “pure” substances, may not be as pure as we thought.

CNN recently reported that 40% of our drugs are made in India, and the sanitary conditions in those India pharmaceutical plants is not that good. The conditions were bad enough that the FDA had to pass an act that requires drug makers to pay extra fees to off set the FDA inspection of their plants. This is only fair, as they are making a tidy profit from drug sales. Pharmaceutical sales is consistently one of the top money makers in the last 30 years.

It’s actually interesting that when seniors started to go to Canada to buy their expensive maintenance meds a decade ago, the US drug companies were saying they better watch out for contaminated drugs. As it turns out, Canadian drug manufacturing plants are some of the cleanest and safest in the world.

All the time, US drug companies were opening up plants in India and trying to keep it quiet. Let’s face it, we really can’t trust the drug makers or the FDA. We are in a situation where we have to take what we get because of drug import laws and other government organized big pharma protectionism. Maybe we should take control of our own lives and begin eating healthy, exercising, using alternative therapies etc, instead of blindly reaching for a drug. It feels weird saying that being a pharmacist, but if I have seen (and shared) the light, maybe others will follow.

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