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When you’re in need of help and guidance through personal legal options, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy personal injury, bankruptcy, foreclosure defense or criminal justice lawyer to fight any charges. As a specialist in those areas, it is my utmost concern to carefully and passionately examine and prove your case so that justice prevails. I personally understand the fear and anxiety that one feels, when they face accusations of criminal conduct. For those who need help in Cleveland, Ohio and the surrounding areas, you can conveniently locate my office.

Areas of particular expertise:

DUI, OVI, DUS Defense

As a member of the Ohio Bar for over 12 years, I understand that a criminal conviction can wreak havoc with a person's life and livelihood. Having a seasoned criminal defense attorney on your side is crucial to fighting any criminal charge. Whether it is a drug offense, DUI, OVI, or DUS charge, I will make sure that every possible shred of evidence is examined in order to see that justice prevails. (more)

Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an auto accident, on the job, by a medical professional or bitten by another person's pet, you have the right to be compensated for your injuries. I have represented all of the above cases involving individuals just like you. (more)

Drug, alcohol and mental health assessments

In addition to being a personal injury and criminal justice attorney, Mr. Garrity is also a licensed drug counselor and a licensed social worker. He is available for drug and alcohol assessments, and mental health assessments. These may be needed by a court, employer, loved one or anyone else depending on their situation. Assessments are done in the office, located in Willoughby Hills, or arrangements can be made for an alternate site. (more)