Bob Garrity - Professional License Defense

Hire a pharmacist - attorney to defend your professional license Bob Garrity is an Ohio substance and mental health issues lawyer. Your hard work has paid off and you have completed a rigorous educational program such as nursing school, pharmacy school, medical school, or another health care degree. You have successfully passed your professional license defense exams and have obtained your professional license.

Unfortunately, you are now under investigation for professional misconduct. Being charged with a crime can ruin your career, your finances, your reputation, and your life.

Bob Garrity has spent years working with professional clients throughout Ohio who have encountered alcohol, substance abuse or mental health issues. If you are under investigation and your professional license is at risk of being revoked or suspended, you will want to contact a professional license defense attorney immediately. Contacting an attorney could be the difference between you never practicing again or having the charges dropped and your license protected.

Substance abuse, drug diversion, and mental health issues are the primary precursor to being charged with a crime. Bob Garrity is not only an attorney, but also a pharmacist, drug counselor and a social worker. He understands your situation on a personal level and will not settle for anything less than justice in your case.

Please contact the law office of Bob Garrity if you have been charged with a crime that could result in loss of your professional license. You have rights and those rights must be protected.

When mental health or substance abuse problems result in Board investigations or disciplinary actions, or even if you have realized on your own that you have a problem, knowing what to do next can be a frightening, and confusing. We want you to know that we have helped many other professionals in your situation, work regularly with a wide variety of treatment providers, and know the requirements of the professional Boards.

Bob can help you:
• Navigate the process of alcohol, substance abuse or mental health assessments, evaluations and treatment
• Work to help you understand the implications on your professional license and registrations
• Explore nondisciplinary options, such as the Ohio Nursing Board's Alternative Program or the Ohio Medical Board's one-bite rule
• Demonstrate the treatment or other steps you have taken to recover from your illness

The majority of my clients have never faced Board discipline. Most are good people and solid professionals who suffer from the disease of addiction and other mental health diseases. I have helped many professionals with alcohol, drug and mental health issues with their professional license defense Boards.