Drug And Alcohol Assessments For Cleveland & Cleveland, Ohio Locals

Bob Garrity - Drug, alcohol and mental health assessments

Drug And Alcohol Assessments Cleveland, Ohio Photo - Robert J. Garrity, Attorney at Law

Every year thousands of Ohioans have legal, workplace, or school violations as a result of alcohol or drug use. While a violation itself may not be indicative of a substance abuse problem, the court, employer or school often require a professional assessment. Bob Garrity is a drug and alcohol counselor who regularly provides professional drug and alcohol assessments. Cleveland, Ohio residents, and those in surrounding areas, will love that he’s sensitive, professional and works in a timely manner.

Bob realizes the circumstances of a court-ordered or employer-required evaluation can be stressful and upsetting. He also offers mental health assessments and will provide you with prompt and discreet service to help you move beyond the immediate reporting concern and on to the the next steps to move forward.

Common Alcohol or Drug Assessment Situations:
• Alcohol assessment after a DUI / OVI charge
• Positive drug screen or workplace violation
• Evaluation for DMV / BMV license reinstatement
• School drug/alcohol rule violation
• Physician requested assessment
• Family members expressing concern
• Court ordered alcohol assessment &/or drug assessment
• Self referral if concerned about your own use

After meeting with Bob, who also works as an attorney in addition to doing drug and alcohol assessments, Cleveland, Ohio clients, and those from surrounding areas, will promptly receive a report with a professional recommendation. Recommendations for treatment, when appropriate, will include referrals for the appropriate level of care.